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 Moderation Rules

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PostSubject: Moderation Rules   Moderation Rules EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 7:28 am

While I am not truly concerned with the moderation staff at this point in time, as we grow, I know that problems and disputes may occur, and so I am making rules now, as a precaution.

All Moderators must abide by these rules. There are NO exceptions.

1) Offenses that you can address are as follows:

- Flaming
- Trolling
- Content above a PG-13 rating
- Links to unknown sites
- Arguing with a Mod

No more, no less.

If a Moderator is found to be giving their friend a pass on offenses, they will be relieved of Moderator status.

2) As time goes on, these rules may change. If you were a Moderator, and were removed from your position for any reason, you will NOT get it back if the rule is removed.

3) Moderator applications will open only when we are in need of Moderators. Not on a favor or for any other reason.

4) All Moderators report to the Administrator. Big Brother Syndrome.
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Moderation Rules
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