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 Member Rules

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PostSubject: Member Rules   Member Rules EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 12:28 pm

-All rules are subject to change and/or deletion at any time.

-New rules may be added without notice.

- Lack of knowledge of a rule will not excuse you

- If a rule is deleted, the mark against you will NOT be removed


1) All content must remain PG-13. (No pornographic material, excessive violence, blood, gore, sexual references, other mature subjects)

2) Any content, be it stories, poems, or a simple post, that is found to be targeting will be removed and the member warned.

3) No targeting, flaming, trashing, degrading, or otherwise hurtful content may be posted. Depending on the severity of the content, a member can be warned, or banned.

4) This is meant as a place for members of Warriors of the Pen to gather in a friendly atmosphere. Any drama will be instantly stopped and any members who have involved themselves in a distasteful manner warned or banned.

5) A Ban from this forum does not mean you are banned from the cult.

6) Every month, banned members are reviewed and have the possibility of being taken off the black list.

7) Usergroups outside of staff positions do NOT mean a member is any higher in authority or held in higher regard.

8 ) All other sections of Subeta TOS applies to this forum. (look it up)

9) If you feel a staff member is harassing/targeting you, do NOT confront them. Instead, send a PM to the Administrator (that's ME!) about the problem.

10) No, we arent taking applications. GOSH.
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Member Rules
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