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 All those questions

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All those questions Empty
PostSubject: All those questions   All those questions EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 11:12 pm

1) What's WOP? I came across it and Im confused

We are a Subeta based writing cult (club)

2) Can I join this forum without joining WOP?

Technically, yes, but this forum is for members of the cult, so you would most likely be removed.

3) What do I do here that I cant do on Subeta? There doesnt seem to be a need for this

It's for potential members to see what exactly WOP is like before they join. That's my main goal. On Subeta, they cant preview the forums of the cult, and might not enjoy it like they thought.

Another function is for members to get away and talk about other things besides writing and Subeta. Also, we have a place to go if Subeta crashes for a while.

4) Ive heard some cults require applications? Is that going to happen here?

As of now? No.

This may be implemented in the future as we grow, to keep down the amount of inactive members, but we arent eager to become exclusive just yet.

5) You dont own the cult, why are you the admin?

Because I say so

6) I cant access a forum! Why?

Some areas of the forum are controlled. Guests cannot look at everything, and some places are for certain usergroups.

7) How do I join a usergroup?

It depends.

Moderators opens up when we think that there arent enough of us to handle the site

Staff is on a user-to-user basis. Staff is a group that is for members who have contributed work into the cult.

Donators is obviously that. Donators. If the cult runs any sort of charity, and you give something, you are considered a Donator.

8 ) I dont have a Subeta account, and dont want to. Why cant I just join?

Like I said, this is for those WITH a Subeta account who have joined the cult ON SUBETA. All of our prizes and contests are held on Subeta, so the lack of a Subeta account just wont work, will it?

9) What about forum titles?

They match Subeta forum titles

10) I want to dispute a warning, how do I do that?

By contacting the moderator of the forum where you got the warning. If you are confused as to why you got it, they'll show you exactly what you did.

If you still do not agree with the warning, contact the Administrator and it will be reviewed.

11) My question isnt answered here!

Feel free to message the Administrator or Moderators (check who is online!) with any questions!
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All those questions
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