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 Summer Contest 2009 Winner

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PostSubject: Summer Contest 2009 Winner   Summer Contest 2009 Winner EmptyWed Sep 16, 2009 4:32 pm

By Zerataku

Summer is just around the corner,
flowers threatening to bloom.
The snow is gone and the colors are changing,
we are no longer stuck in a indoors doom.

The children are beginning to run and play,
parents telling them to get out of the road.
The skies are starting to look so much prettier,
I'm glad to let off this gloomy-like load.

The playgrounds are filled to the brim,
with sandcastles, happy couples, and pets.
The only thing that women are dreading about summer is their men spending their time watching the Mets.

Ice cream is falling all over the highway,
and the ground is covered in the shedding leaves pout.
Making way for new ones to come in,
that is what summer is all about.
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Summer Contest 2009 Winner
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