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 AkuRoku Contest 2009 Winner

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PostSubject: AkuRoku Contest 2009 Winner   AkuRoku Contest 2009 Winner EmptyWed Sep 16, 2009 4:36 pm

Anica-Starbell's entry

If I had a Heart

If I had a heart
If we could actually feel emotion
Even if it wouldn't be smart
I would tell you of my devotion
For you and you alone.

Being by your side makes me smile
I want to stay with you for a little while

But then you leave me
Say that no one will miss you
Yet I have to disagree
And I say just so that you knew
"That's not true, I would."

My words, though, fall on deaf ears
And you walk away, confirming my fears

I can't follow where you go
My duty is still to the organization
It hurts me though
I feel a strange sensation
I know the next time we meet things won't be so friendly between us
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AkuRoku Contest 2009 Winner
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