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 Make It Matter Day Event

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September 21 -

The sun was rising, and as usual I was out for my daily walk before work. I always woke up early so that I could do this walk down the beach behind my house, so that I could be awake before I went to work. That day didn't seem any different from usual, the sun was just starting to rise and the tide was going down, the sound of the waves calming as I focused on the flag pole about a mile ahead of me that was my goal. It wouldn't take me long, I knew that much, but with each step I took something felt different.

Finally, I decided to look down at the surf below my feet, and saw that there were two rocks tumbling in the waves. They looked like little hearts, so I quickly reached down and picked them up before the next wave came up and washed them away. They were too perfectly shaped to be natural, and the pair were indeed a pair, perfectly identical in every way. I looked at them for a moment, then slipped the stones into my pocket and kept on walking, thinking nothing of it at the moment.

When I got home I put the stones on the kitchen counter and went to get dressed for work, treating the day like any other. Things were slow, as usual, and by the time I arrived home I wanted nothing more than to eat and relax with my laptop and the internet. As I dug out some chicken to make a stir fry with, I noticed the stones still sitting on my kitchen counter. Once dinner was simmering happily on the stove, I picked the rocks up again and looked a them. Perfectly heart shaped, made of some kind of red stone that reflected the color hearts usually were.

Then, something caught my eye. In each stone were carved initials. One was AES, my own initials, and the other was ASA. I didn't recognize the other initials, and figured it had to be coincidence that the one held my initials so I ignored it and set the hearts down to go stir my dinner before it burned. After I ate I put the hearts in a shadow box behind my couch with the initials showing.

Over the years, the stones became forgotten. People who came by looked but didn't ask, and though I did ask around no one claimed ownership of the things. So they sat, and became covered in dust, until some years later when my sister fell ill and I had to move across the country to stay by her side and take care of her. While I was packing up my things I slowly realized that the stone that held my initials was right on the money, and the other one held my sister's initials with her married name, for the husband who had died almost a year earlier. We had different middle names on purpose, that was something our parents had intended, and similar first names. I was Anica, she was Anika, and most people called us by our middle names instead - Elizabeth and Sharon. The hearts held our initials, and that made me question where they’d come from, and what force had made me look down that day to pick them up.

Once I was moved in with my sister, I gave her the stone with her initials and told her the story of how I’d found them. The doctors had given her six months to live at that point, but my sister went on to live another twenty years, always keeping that stone by her side. I lived with her until her death, and she was buried with that same stone in her hands. I plan to be buried with mine as well, and I pray that the stones will allow us to be reunited in death just as we were united in life.
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Make It Matter Day Event
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